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 Weapon Outline

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PostSubject: Weapon Outline   Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:33 pm

*This is a place where you can tell me what it is about your weapon that is different form the other normal weapons. Does it have a spell on it? Is it made just weird? Tell me here!*

1. Name of the weapon: Be nice to you weapon. Comeup with a good name, every good (or bad) weapon has a name.

2. Looks: Either discribe it or a picture of what it looks like. Don't just say a black sword...is it short? Long? Thick? Thin? tell me about it!

3. The difference: What exactly about it is different then a sword or whatever the weapon is. Explain to me the magic behind it or the weird thing about it. Is it a long forgotten sword or has a spirit living in it? Explain so I can get to know it!

4. Weakness: The weapon can NOT be invincible. It has to have a major down side equal to the amazingness to it.

5. Range: If your weapon has to do with throwing something at the target...give me a range! does it go 5 feet or 2 miles? )Not all weapons have this so if yours doesn't don't worry!)

*Thank you for reading BEFORE you made one*
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Weapon Outline
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