Whose side will you join in this epic battle? The Dark, The Light, or the in between?...
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 Heartless List

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PostSubject: Heartless List   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:10 pm

Summon Level 1-3

Shadow: Easiest Heartless to find. When it moves, it melds into the ground. Pureblood
Soldier: Attacks with tackles and spin kicks.
Rapid Thruster: Low HP, Persistant attacker.
Icy Cube: Low hp. Suseptable to fire. Jumps before attacking
Fiery Globe: Low hp. Suseptable to Ice. Runs before attacking.

Summon Level 4-6

Silver Rock: Quickly disappears into a ball of light. Explosion occurs when it reappears. Risistant to magic.
Emerald Blues: Uses a sudden tackle to attack. When Hp is low, Uses a tornado drawind enemies close. Resistant to magic.
Crimson Jazz: Chases target w/ determination while scattering mines. When HP is low, lays a giant mine. Resistant to magic.
Hook Bat: Swoops around to scope area. Use combos to defeat in midair.
Magnum Loader: Moves clockwise around opponent. Very swift.
Crescendo: Restores HP of its nearby alies. May call for help.
Hammer Frame: Taps the ground to create a sonic wave; jump to dodge. When HP is low, uses a series of tackles.
Aeroplane: Shoots bullets from afar, but only forward. Movement speed increases with retaliation.

Summon Level 7-9

Strafer: Moves clockwise around foe. Uses tackles to attack.
Aerial Knocker: Cannot be fled from. Uses 3 type of punches.
Minute Bomb: When attacked, counts down to self-destruct. Block attack to make it lose the will to fight.
Rabid Dog: Won't attack until approached. Becomes tired after counterattack.
Armored Knight: Charges enemy in a group. Jumps into the sky to unleach a tackleing strike.
Surveillence Robot: Shoots lazers to attack. Use Snag and Sparkle Ray to hurt nearby enemies.
Luna Bandit: It backs away constantly in battle, so use thrusting attacks. Caught off guard after parry.
Nightwalker: It jumps around as it attacks. Watch out for counterattack.

Summon Level 10-12

Tornado Step: Attacks as it moves. Uses spinning move, but can be backfired and they get hit instead.
Creeper Plant: Uses seeds to attack with. Root ravenger uproots the Heartless and others around as well as harm surrounding enemies; Find the roots first!
Driller Mole: Moves underground, so follow the clouds of dust to find its position.
Wright Knight: Mearly wanders until attacked; After attacked, becomes a persistant attacker.
Air Pirate: Its swiftness makes it hard to catch, so wait until it slows down. Stop with magic.
Large Body: Nearly impossibe to attack from front. Attack the back or use magic.
Shaman: Attacks from afar and moves little. Very magic resistant and immune to attacks when in mask form. Cursed flames follows target.

Summon Level 13-15

Trick Ghost: Has two forms, Both need attacking. In air: long range; on ground: Close range.
Lance Soldier: Soldier and lance don't get along; easy to sneak up on. When HP is low, lance goes crazy.
Fortune Teller: Uses and is immune to Ice magics. Trys to freeze the target when HP is low.
Cannon Gun: Shoots bombs from afar. Avoid areas of potential bomb drops. Runs if approached.
Bolt Tower: High defence and can only be injured in face. If caught in lazer, use bolt reversal; will damage nearby opponents.
Hot Rod: Attacks and withdraws quickly, making it hard to kill. When HP is low, speeds up, becoming invincable; use magic.

Summon Level 16-18

Assult Rider: Charges forward to attack with spear. When HP is low, Uses explosive moves.
Devestator: Can fly around or attack as a tank. Air: Closes in; Ground: Attack from afar. Attacks when transforming.
Living Bone: Uses strong attacks. Greatly damage it by destroying the head. Shamans can ride these.
Fat Bandit: Immune to fire and parries most attacks from front. Parry fireball to deal great damage.
Graveyard: Boldly aporaches target; caught off guard after attacking. Summons ghouls to circle it after turning into a headstone.
Morning Star: Spins to attack as well as with spiked clubs. uses press attack when HP is low.

Summon level 19

Neo Shadow: Produces a shadow before attacking. Caught off guard after attack. Pureblood
Possessor: Controls inadamet(non-living) objects. Pureblood
Book Master: A great mage who can use all three elemental magics. Immune to all magic.
Gargoyle Knight: Looks like a statue, but can attack with no warning. Confident at all ranges. Immune to magic. Parry attacks to use release.
Gargoyle Sodier: See Gargoyle Knight. Skilled at ranged attacks.

Summon Level 20

Any Heartless Boss; however, only can control 1.
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Heartless List
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