Whose side will you join in this epic battle? The Dark, The Light, or the in between?...
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 Duel Keyblades

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PostSubject: Duel Keyblades   Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:17 am

Once you reach level 15, you can duel weild your keyblades. But only after or when you hit level 15.
Duel Key blade app:

Keyblade names: What are the names of your keyblades?

Looks: What do your keyblades look like?

History: How did you get the keyblades?

Powers: What powers does your keyblades have? They must be opposat powers.
i.e. Fire and Ice

Weakness of each keyblade: What are the weakness of each keyblade?

Range: Does your two keyblades have a range ablity?
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Duel Keyblades
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