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 Nobodies ranks

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PostSubject: Nobodies ranks   Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:57 pm

Dusk (top left):
Most common nobody and easiest to kill. Unpredictalbe in its movements.
sommon level: 1-2

Samiri (top middle):
A presice nobody, stronger and faster then a dusk, they will always take a bow before a fight. It isn't as common as a dusk.
sommon level: 3-4

Dancer (farthest right):
A bouncy nobody, this nobody is extremly unpredictalbe in its movements and is hard to kill.
sommon level: 5-6

Preist (directly above):
A strong nobody that knows many magics. It can be easily predictable in battle when it goes straight for a magical attack.
sommon level: 7-8

Dragon Knight (bottom left):
One of the rarer nobodies, this is a powerfull nobody that is extremly hard to keep undercontroll.
Sommon level: 9-10

Cloked Nobody(directly above):
These are the strongist nobody, they are strongest and fastests.
sommon level: 11-12
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Nobodies ranks
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