Whose side will you join in this epic battle? The Dark, The Light, or the in between?...
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 Airen Pravus

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PostSubject: Airen Pravus   Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:35 pm

Name: Airen Pravus

Age: 30 (looks 20 because of past)

Gender: Male

Being: Darkness; not heartless, but dark all the same.

He has pitch black hair. He has a tanned skin color. Eyes are a Dark red. He is 5'10"

Personality: He is calm in battle, but a liitle cocky out of battle. He plans acordingly for his tasks, and sneers when he talks about the warriors of light. He has a natural grimace on his face. When he battles, he jeers and taunts, usually rsulting in renewed assaults. When he can, he'll summon Heartless to finish off his opponent.

History: He was once a warrior of the light, but was corrupted by darkness. He lay dormant for ten years after his corruption, but now awakens. He was a little rusty, but has quickly made up time and now controls minor heartless.

Extras: Likes mental puzzles and tricks. Hates uselessness and the warriors of light. Fears the fall of the darkness, and of his power.

Hit List: Heros of Light

Friendlies: Heartless and some Nobodies(cannot control these).

Strengh- moderate
Stanima- moderate
Intelligence- advanced
Agility- poor

Sample Post:
Airen woke up in unfamiliarity. He sat up to find himself in a pitch-black room. Then, he remembered. 'That's right.....' Airen got up and walked to the entrance. Before he got there, Nobodies attacked him. "Heartless! Come forth!" He yelled after finding that he didn't have his sword. 'I'll have to find that....' The Heartless quickly took care of the intruders. He dismissed the Heartless and walked into the blinding light of the new world.
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PostSubject: Re: Airen Pravus   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:38 am

*claps* good good! looks like me and you will be doing alot of fighting since i sommon nobodies alot XD APPROVED
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Airen Pravus
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